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galaxy digital wallpaper

Startup Factory invest change the world before tomorrow to Startups accepted into the program.

The Future Now

The Startup Factory program provides Startups and Leaders with access to a range of advanced technologies, such as Virtual solutions, E-commerce Engines, Online Banking, POS & Cloud services, and other innovative solutions that can enhance the development and scalability of their projects. The program also offers solutions sponsored by partners, such as Google, Github, Stripe, office spaces by VentureX, and Human Capital. Startups accepted into the program get free access to all community benefits, a 3-month acceleration Hybrid program to build an MVP, $500k in benefits, a dedicated team of advisors to support their project, and support in raising Seed Capital Investments.

Flawless Innovation

Aeroespacial Technologies

Quantum Computers

Artificial Intelligence

Sustainable Living

“The Startup Factory, an Incubator, and Accelerator Ecosystem. It serves as a nurturing ground for industry leaders looking to develop innovative technology solutions in Aerospace, Robotics, Spatial Computing, IOT, Fintech, and Sustainable Living. Our program aims to provide a comprehensive ecosystem that facilitates the growth, and success of startups.”

- Founding Board -

Our Program

four people watching on white MacBook on top of glass-top table
four people watching on white MacBook on top of glass-top table
Acceleration Program

We provide a unique incubation & incubation program for idea projects, offering support and cutting-edge technologies.


Our experienced mentors provide guidance and support to help startups succeed.

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low angle photography of beige building
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people in conference

We connect startups with a network of industry professionals and potential investors.

We help startups explore funding opportunities and connect with investors.

Funding Opportunities


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